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POTW Rules

Post  SirArdain on Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:03 pm

Heyo X-ternals!

Welcome to POTW, the picture of the week forum event/contest.

POTW is a weekly contest where players can submit a beautiful screen capture from the game, and get a chance to win a nice/special prize.


1. Only post pictures from X-Ternal PT server.

2. Don't use too much picture editing software : the goal is to show the game in a realistic way.
The X-Ternal World Staff will be judge on this. Pictures that don't comply this rules will simply be deleted.

3. One picture per week and per player. Multiple account users will be punished, and their participation canceled.
When in doubt, participations from forum accounts with very low post counts will not be taken into consideration.

4. The pictures have to be somewhat interesting : artistic, funny... be creative
Don't post annoying pictures of one character alone in a random map.

5. The participations will be done via the forum, on this forum category :
One topic per week will be created, everytime Thijmen will make the topic. Post your picture in it that topic.
Only your picture. Don't spam the thread!

6. You have until the date posted on topic to participate. After that it is too late, so if you are late, just keep your picture for the next week.

7. After the deadline, the X-ternal staff will vote and chose the best picture, based on originality, creativity, and aesthetics.

8. The winner will receive the following items as prize from winning the POTW:


9. The winner has to post his/her CHARACTER NAME in the Winner's Topic

10. If the picture is really awesome, the X-TernalPT World Staff may chose to give the winner an "Awesomeness Award" which might come with a special gift.



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