Insight into GM role.

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Insight into GM role.

Post  SirArdain on Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:42 pm


Making this post to clear up a few points that people don't seem to understand about being a GM. Hopefully this will help new applicants in the future and they won't get shocked when this happens.

Yes we are here to help people but no this is not a main role. We are here to advise and assist. We are also here to enforce rules and by doing so we are hated for it. If someone wants something and we can not provide it, expect them to be angry about it. It happens but this is something we have to do. We aren't here to be nice, if we have to tell something they don't want to hear then we have to be professional and tell them the truth. There are circumstances when we might be able to go the extra mile but it depends on the person we are dealing with or the situation and the proof they can provide if it's lost items etc.

And on another note, the GMs are hire from here on (until told otherwise) are temporary GMs so you guys MUST follow every rule exactly as it is, if there is something that is not fully understood then ask first before acting. We want the best so the time you spend as a temp GM is the time to prove you can do the job and follow the rules.


How to apply?

It ain't just making a thread like
Hi I'm .... and I want to be GM.

Tell us this:
1: Your name
2: Your Age
3: Your country
4: Your GMT
5: Do you have any experience?
6: Why should we hire you?
7: What can you mean for our server?
8: What can you do for our server?
9: Do you speak proper english?
10: What other langauges do you speak?

That will be it for now.
- Lucc



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