Becoming an EXP Agent.

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Becoming an EXP Agent.

Post  SirArdain on Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:17 pm

You will have to become a exp Agent if you want to do any service.
Everyone can become one, but if you want to become one you will have to post it here.
If you ever start a service without being an exp-agent you will have to face the consequences.
We like to stay proffesional with stuff like this.

So, if you want to become one just post something simple like this:
Hi, I'm ... and I would like to become a EXP-Agent.

If you ever get any issues, like you can't make the service on time first talk with the people you are doing the service for.
If you have no reason for not doing it on time and I get messaged by the char's owner I will come in between and we shall see if you remain as agent. If you once steal any item/gold or anything you will be fired as agent and once out there is no way back. Don't try to become a Agent again cause then I will give you a nice vacation in game as well as on the forums. I will keep records of everything.

You may hunt on other people char's during the exp services, as well as in bc.
But ONLY if the OWNER agrees. And ONLY if you get the job done in time.

It may take some days before I add you to the group.
But you can't start untill I accepted it. It is for the safety for like anyone already got fired cause he stole stuff and posts again, and shows it. The people looking for the service sometimes don't know and boom there go's your stuff/gold.
So it could take some days, but stay patient. Please don't spam me about it.

Read this before posting!



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