Read before posting!

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Read before posting!

Post  SirArdain on Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:36 pm

1. Before posting a suggestion browse around the whole section, if what you want to suggest has already been suggested, do not bother posting it again.

2. Make sure your suggestion has all the necessary details. Do not post suggestions such as "fix AH" or "nerf Mentalist", unless you have a way to do it. i.e. a suggestion. Please also make sure that what your posting is really a suggestion.

3. The voice of the community is very well appreciated, but suggestions are not approved merely 'cause of the +1s it received.

4. Do not repost your suggestion if it didn't show up in suggestions. The section is moderated, and if it doesn't show it's either it hasn't been reviewed yet and you just need to wait, or it has been suggested already and it was deleted. Either way, do not post it again.

5. Do not bump your suggestion, as aforementioned, the section is constantly reviewed and moderated, bumping your suggestion is not really needed and would cause you infractions.

6. Constant off-topics and arguments in your suggestion thread would cause a thread closure, so keep it clean and stay on topic.

7. Please add a meaningful title to your thread. One that kinda sums up what's in your thread. Well duh, we know that it's a suggestion since you're starting it in this section, so please don't put that.



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