How to request a unban.

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How to request a unban.

Post  SirArdain on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:17 pm

So, I heard u had an unfair ban?
Well, first of all. Make sure you have read, understood and FOLLOWED the rules.

X-TernalPT Rules:

Not following any of these rules will result in a warning/kick/mute or ban.
Use proof when reporting someone who does not obey the rules,
don't just say he or she didn't follow this or that rule without any proof. (screenshots/videos)

So you have followed all these rules, yeh?
Then make a post here.
If you provide us with enough evidence, we might just re-check the ban and reporter of your ban.
We usually don't ban without reason, but mistakes can be made. After all, we're just human like you.

Make sure you provide us with enough information and at least one IGN (in game name / character name)
Do not, I repeat, do NOT post your username and/or password in the thread for your own safety!

This won't work when you are banned on forum ofcourse.
So if we didn't ip ban you, make a new account and then post a topic.
If you are ip banned on forum, try to get in contact with any of our admins/gm's/mods ingame.

Banned Till:
Reason: (this, that or Idk)
Unban me because: (the reported IGN is not me.. or because of this.. that)



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