xPT Forum Rules.

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xPT Forum Rules.

Post  SirArdain on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:37 pm

•Using words which are sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar, racially or very offensive is strictly prohibited here.

•Speak English only. Use Private Messages forum function if you wish to speak any other language.
You can ofcourse speak your langauge at your own langauge support.

•Action: Post will be Edit and will Issue +1 Warn depends on rudeness of Poster.

Harassing Others
•Harassing other players is not allowed. This includes the discussion of any real-life, personal, or private real life Information of Players and Insanity FlyFF Staffs.

•Action: Any of the Forum Team will edit or delete all posts about Harassing. For case like sexual harassment, all very offending posts will be deleted and Warn will be given and if someone insist, Forum Account will be Bannned.

Respect Others
•You must respect others and their rights to enjoy this game and the forums. In order to show proper respect, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, insult, name call, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players or the moderators. This includes using words which do not fall under the coverage of rule 1 concerning Inappropriate language. Patronizing new players/posters will be frowned upon.

•Action: Posts which are deemed to be disrespectful to others or immature will be Edited accordingly and +1 Warn to the user.

Be SMART on what you are Posting (Spam)

•Be SMART when posting something. You should quote relevant Post that you relate to, or if you wanted, just give your opinion with facts or suggestions. Stay on Topic and keep all posts On-Topic. And don’t make Double/Triple Posting.

•You may only double post once 24 hours have past since the last post.

•Action: Posts which are unhelpful will be considered as Spam and will be Delete and +1 Warn will be given to the user. Double Posting will be given +1 Warn, +2 Warn for Triple Post.

•There are many different Sections that you can find here in our Forum. It’s because that we want visitors and readers to make it EASY for them to find what they are looking for.
•Action: Threads on Wrong Section will be moved on the Right Section. +1 Warn to the user.

Flaming / Word War
•You shouldn’t attack or provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause Flame. This includes immature post, immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members.

•Action: Posts deemed to fall under this category will be edited by Moderators on that Section. Offending threads will be Closed. Multiple instances will be Deleted. Offending User(s) will be Warn. If he/she continue, that will lead to a him/her BAN from the Forum.

•Don’t Post links to Sites that doesn't concerns with X-Ternal Priston Tale. No linking to websites that would contain any Violation of any Forum Rules. No linking to sites that market, promote or advertise non-InsanityFlyffrelated Business, Organizations, Peoples or Websites. And even Porn and Adult Site are prohibited.

•Action: Post will be Deleted and Poster will be automatically BAN.

Inappropriate Forum Name
•Illegal Forum Name which contains Inappropriate Language as detailed in Rule #1. Furthermore, NO Forum Name is allowed whose intention is to belittle the conditions of others or Impersonate any one or are in any way obscene, vulgar, or profane.

•Action: Offending posts which fall under this category will be deleted. The Forum Name will be banned.

Denounce of the server
•Denounce the server in any way to persuade players that the server is bad or shouldn't be played, will result NOT be tolerated, and will result in a temporally/permanent ban.

•Action: Post will be deleted and user will be banned temporally/permanent.

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