Rules of Conduct.

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Rules of Conduct.

Post  SirArdain on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:13 pm

Rules of Conduct

Most rules here are based on common sense alone. By following the rules below and using common sense, you will have an enjoyable visit on the forum and you will make others' visits enjoyable!

1. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive profanity. If you must swear you are allowed to, but keep it a minimum

2. It is strictly forbidden to personally attack another user(s). You have the right to express your opinion, but do not offend the other user(s) while doing that

3. Views and opinions that are considered excessively flammatory, racist, sexist or hateful may be moderated or deleted. The staff is trying to provide a fairly open environment where posters can share their views, but if their views, or the way they are expressed, is inflammatory or offensive to other posters or groups of people in general, then action may be taken against the offender

4. Discussions or photos that are deemed pornographic by the staff will be subject to moderation or deletion

5. Spamming is strictly forbidden. You may not post the same message twice on the forums. Pick the most appropriate forum and post one message there and make sure the forum you're posting to is of the same topic as your post

6. English is the "official" language of the forums. You're not allowed to base an entire thread on another language but you may post short sentences or remarks on other languages if it serves a purpose

7. Any topic that condones, exploits, or makes use of illegal material is illegal here as well. Asking for or distributing illegal software is strictly forbidden

8. Please don't advertise products, services, websites or other PristonTale servers

9. The same rules that apply on the forums in general also applies to signatures. Users violating this rule will see their signatures removed without notice by the staff

10. Leave the moderating to the Admin and Moderators. They are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the site's rules

11. It is strictly forbidden to sell in-game property or third-party software related to Unique-PristonTale for real currencies, you may only sell these for in-game gold

12. Do not make polls considering judgement of a GM or for giving popularity advantage for one or other GM

13. Do not question the deletion of a topic, if a topic was deleted, it was deleted for a reason. Questioning this will get you banned from the board

14. Do not post a topic or reply with capital letter, or your topic will get deleted

15. Do not post about Trade/Sell/Buy uPT Content(Items/Accounts/Gold) for Another Server/Game Content(Items/Accounts/Gold) or vice versa or your topic/post will get deleted and you will get banned

Actions taken against violations:

Deletion of offending material
The material that violated the rules may be edited or deleted.

Informal warning
If the moderator determines that the offense is not severe enough to ban the user. An informal warning is a private correspondence between the moderator and the violator advising the violator of the offense and what (s)he can do to correct it.

If the user continues violating the rules despite of being warned, or if the violation alone is severe enough, he will be banned. There are diffrent types of bans which the moderators may choose from. These include (but are not limited to):

- Fixed time forum account ban; duration usually varies from 1 day to few weeks
- Posting suspension from forum, the user will be able to read the forum but is restricted from posting; duration usually varies from 1 day to few weeks
- Permanent forum ban
- In severe enough cases, related in-game accounts may be banned aswell for the violations on forums

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