SOTW Rules

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SOTW Rules

Post  SirArdain on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:49 pm


1) Only submit ONE signature.
2) Do not edit your signature after submission!
2) Submits after the given date are automatticaly denied.
3) Stick to the theme.
4) The normal Forum rules still count (no racism etc. etc.)
5) Only send your sig with a direct link (or spoiler with [IMG] code)
6) No wars.
7) Maximum size of signatures: 600x300. (pixels)
8 ) Winner from last week's SOTW can't participate!
9) Don't use work of others. (renders are allowed)
10) Send your submissions in the SOTW thread
11) Give your post the title 'SOTW Entry <name>'
12) Use the disccusion thread for discussion!
13) You HAVE to vote if you participate!
14) Don't vote for yourself!

Extra/New rule(s) in this SOTW:

Not following any of these rules can result in:
- Disqualification from this week's SOTW
- A ban from SOTW (temporary or permanent)



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