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Account Trading support [ATG]

Post  SirArdain on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:22 pm

We have some [ATG's] Here on X-TernalPT
They can help you with selling/trading/buying a char for you.
You post a topic here with all details:

Seller in forum: Thijmen
Buyer in forum: SirArdain

Seller in game: ProKS
Buyer in game: NubKS

ks dark god sheltom bbm
ks kelvezu amulet bbm
2x val ring ks bbm
Phoenix set ks bbm
frenzy armor ks +20
dn shield ks +20
Extreme sword ks +20
inferno sword ks +20

Post all items that are in the deal + the level/char what you are gonna buy/trade/sell. + the amount you pay, or the other char if you trade with full items. If anyone tops also post that. We simple want ALL information. If anything go's wrong it is not our foult, we will check exactly if the items that are listed here are ingame on the char.
Both the seller and the buyer have to post in the topic and agree, so the [ATG's] can do their jobs.
They have 24 hours to fix their jobs, it could take longer when they have issues but it won't take to long.



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