Looking for EXP services [Rules]

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Looking for EXP services [Rules]

Post  SirArdain on Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:30 pm

Read before requesting a EXP-Agent!

If you wan't to get your char exped by an agent you have to make a thread in this section.
Make a topic called: [EXP] - Looking for exp agent.

What do I put in the topic?
Put in the name of the char.
The level.
The equips of your char.
The exp that the char has right now in %.
What level you want it now.

Here is an example.
Hi, I am looking for a exp agent for my ks lvl 128.
Nick: MasterKnight
Level of the char: 128
Amount of exp right now: 12.56%
What lvl/exp % do you want: I wan't my ks to be level 130 0%
ks dark god sheltom bbm
ks kelvezu amulet bbm
2x val ring ks bbm
Phoenix set ks bbm
frenzy armor ks +20
dn shield ks +20
Extreme sword ks +20
inferno sword ks +20

Pm me for the payment/1kkk gold
This or that item.
Discuss this together.

Just make something like that.
Just some examples.



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